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Director's Message

The world is witnessing changes in every sphere and its rate is ever accelerating. The changes are posing new threats and opportunities. It is the responsibility of the Institution of learning to update the youth to cope up with new challenges and to improve their skills, abilities and potentials to exploit the upcoming opportunities by new methods of learning. We are well equipped to meet these challenges. We are not afraid of competition from new Colleges and Universities. They are need of time. It inspires us to do still more. Students from rural areas are aspiring for higher education. Our college will face and meet the need of time. To our students and their parents, I pledge revolutionary changes in our College in terms of teaching and all infrastructural facilities to make the College as the best in Bikaner division and our students amongst the best in Rajasthan. Our motto- “Excellence and Growth” is a source of inspiration and motivation for our Management, Teaching Faculty members and Students alike. We are confident and highly optimistic that we shall prove worthy to our goal. The faculty member and students deserve credit for what the college is. They have been keeping the tradition set by my father Sh Jailal Saharan. This applies to all the institutes runing by National Public Shiksha Samiti. I wish the Institute, its faculty members and students all the best in life.

Mr. Ashok Saharan


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